The Garvin Foundation

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Pike’s Mattress is pleased to be a part of raising awareness to help local wildlife thrive in Indiana. The Garvin Foundation was created to offer helpful insight to people in the Evansville community about what ducks and geese should eat, how to help injured animals, and what the next generation can do to help these fuzzy, furry, feathered creatures thrive.

Founded by the Pike Family, The Garvin Foundation was formed when the Pikes realized how much they enjoyed feeding geese and ducks at the park. After noticing a goose with a fishing line stuck to its foot, the Pike Family freed the goose. This led to a regular routine in which the Pikes sought out geese to rescue from danger.

Garvin’s Story

One trip to the park led the Pikes to a goose that was suffering from a concussion, bruised organs, and metal poisoning. The Pikes named this goose Garvin and set out to save him. Unfortunately, Garvin didn’t make it — but he did inspire the Pikes to help other geese and ducks throughout the community by purchasing food, paying for X-rays, medicine, and more.

If you’d like to make a difference for wildlife in the area, you can visit to learn more about Garvin’s story or to donate to the cause.