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How Custom-Sized Mattresses Fit Into Your Life

By definition, custom mattresses can be hard to come by. Most modern, mass-produced mattresses are designed to fit certain dimensions, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But what happens when you find yourself in a square peg/round hole situation? Mattresses haven’t always been so uniform, so it’s likely that you may find yourself in a situation where you need a better sleeping solution than what is offered in the big-box marketplace. That’s where’s Pike’s Mattress comes in!

With 75 years of experience in crafting custom mattresses in Indiana, our mission is to ensure that our customers can find the right mattress for their unique needs, style of sleep, or slumbering location. Everyone deserves a good night’s sleep, whether it’s in a bedroom, on a boat, or in a camper. No matter what it is, we can make it happen.


Antique Sizes

I think we’re all mostly familiar with the standard mattress sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, King, and California King. But did you know there’s such a thing as a “three-quarter” mattress? It’s a size that is between a twin and a full, but it was fairly commonplace for beds that are now considered antiques. Older antique beds can actually vary wildly in their dimensions, making finding a replacement mattress for them difficult without turning to a custom solution. Some of these antique bed frames also necessitate some features you don’t see very often these days, like corner cut-outs for four-poster beds.

If you find a beautiful antique bed frame in a boutique store that would look just darling in your boudoir, but the mattress accompanying it appears to be stuffed with corn cobs, rest assured that you can find an amazingly comfortable new mattress that fits even the oddest-shaped antique bed frames with Pike’s Mattress.

Mattresses For Special Needs

There are occasions where standard mattress sizes or firmness levels simply don’t accomplish what you need them to, either for physical issues or disabilities. We’ve made extra-long mattresses made to accommodate the most vertically gifted among us, as well as mattresses that allow parents to finally rest easy as their special needs child sleeps soundly for the first time in years. For example, a few years ago we had a customer come to us to find a sleeping solution for her teenage son with severe autism. We worked with her to find a mattress that worked for her son. A few weeks went by, and she returned to us in a state of relief that she hadn’t experienced in a long time, as her son now slept like a stone. That’s why we do what we do!

Recreational Vehicle Mattresses

Who doesn’t love making an excursion in an RV and getting away from all the noise of everyday life? It can be just what the doctor ordered — until it comes to the sleeping situation. If you’re camping in an RV, it’s safe to say that “roughing it” isn’t what you signed up for, but the mattress that came with the RV could be seriously lacking in the comfort department. Many people choose to upgrade their RV mattresses or need a custom solution after they’ve done their own customizations to their campers. We can even create odd sizes, since every inch of space matters in an RV.

Boat Mattresses

If your solution to sleeping in a boat is a hammock or a cot, then you’re needlessly putting yourself through hardship. Just because you’re enjoying some time on the water doesn’t mean that you should sacrifice your sleep comfort! Whether you need something that fits in a compact cabin or something fancy for your yacht, Pike’s Mattress can custom create a boat cabin mattress that is seaworthy.

Truck and Semi-Trailer Mattresses

Ask any long-haul trucker if their bodies take a beating after hours on the road and they’ll tell you, without hesitation, “yes.” Modern truck cabins can accommodate surprisingly large mattresses, but even for smaller models, we can custom create a mattress that provides restful sleep after hundreds of miles on the highway. The last thing a trucker wants is to try to drive all day after a poor night’s sleep, potentially putting themselves and other drivers at risk. These fine folks keep our country moving, and they deserve restorative sleep for their efforts.

Mattresses Fit to Architecture

Sometimes a custom mattress is less about comfort and more about fitting into the physical space of a home’s architecture, like lofts or unusual built-ins. The only limit to the size or shape of a mattress that we can create to fit your home’s architecture is your imagination! Over 75 years of making mattresses, there isn’t much we haven’t seen. We’ll make a mattress to fit your unique environment, and it will be comfortable to boot!

Bed Height

We regularly custom-create mattresses that accommodate special height requirements. This is often due to physical constraints, whether it’s wheelchair access or another restriction. We can make the height of your bed perfect for your access needs, and even especially reinforce the edges to help make entering and exiting the bed easier.

Custom Mattresses in Evansville

Since 1946, Pike’s Mattress has served Evansville and the surrounding communities in Indiana, building up a reputation for honesty and integrity. When you come to us for your mattress solution, you won’t find any pushy sales tactics or feel pressure from our employees. Instead, you’ll find a team that is dedicated to helping you find the mattress and sleeping solution that works for you. Visit us today or set up a private shopping appointment by contacting us!