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Computers Telling Us What to Sleep On? Don't Get Me Started!


Most mattress or sleep shops rely on computers such as Bed Match or Tekscan to tell you what sleep surface you need. With these systems, you lay down on a mat that shows where the pressure points are and then it decides which of the few mattresses sold in that store will best suit your needs. However, you are limited to a select number of options that are available in that store.

At Pikes Mattress we are sleep experts. We have over 70 years of mattress manufacturing under our belt. Do we make a standard line? Yes, but we also custom build mattresses to fit your individual needs.

We do not need a computer to tell us what you should sleep on. I don't know about you, but I can't even trust my computer to find my printer. So why would I trust it to figure out my sleep needs? We work one-on-one with you to find the right sleep surface for you. We start with our standard line. If you need it softer or firmer or anywhere in between, we simply built it for you. Yes, that’s right, we custom build it for YOU. If you purchase a mattress from us and you decide within 120 nights it’s too firm or too soft, you can bring it in (or we can pick it up for a small transport fee) and we can adjust the firmness for you for FREE the first time.

Computers are fine for a lot of things, but there needs to be a personal touch and understanding of the customers' needs and their sleep habits. You don’t just need a few mattresses to choose from, you need an expert willing to help you with an endless supply of springs, coil counts, gauges of springs, insulation, and coverings to choose from — an expert that knows how to put these items together to build the perfect mattress to get the best night sleep for YOU.

Most places today ask these questions, “What do you want to spend? What size are you looking for? What firmness do you want?” Then they show you some mattresses. They know nothing about springs, gauges of steel, coil counts, foam density, or outer covering benefits, they simply regurgitate what they remember from a seminar or brochure they read on the product they are selling.

We can help you pick out the right spring system, coil count, and the right insulation and foam density to suit your individual needs. For example, did you know that some spring systems are better for some bodyweights than others? We can help find the right spring system to hold an individual’s weight. We had a gentleman come in who told us he weighed in excess of 550 pounds and he knows no mattress is going to last a year with his weight. After discussing his needs, we manufactured a mattress for him with heavy gauge coils and a unit called a Holland unit that is hand-assembled using different types of coils and gauges of steel. We then designed the mattress with his comfort preferences in mind using the quality and density of foams that he needed. Five years later he came in and thanked us. He told us his mattress was still holding up. No computer could help him with a small selection of cookie-cutter mattresses on display at a mattress store.

There are many types of insulation that work for different applications — things like, cotton, cotton felt, fiber pads, hundreds of foam densities, wool, silk, memory foam, gel memory, latex foams, and much more.

The outer coverings are just as plentiful, with many types to choose from, each with its own unique benefits. Damasks, circular knits, matelassé, warped knits, vinyls, and so much more. Each fabric type has many variations unto themselves, including backing styles, fabric weights, and more.

So, do not be fooled by technology and a small selection of sleep surfaces. Come in and speak to an expert mattress craftsman. We will get you the best night sleep you have ever had. GUARANTEED!

Computers don't need sleep, but we do — so keep computers on your desk where they belong!